10 texting rules dating etiquette dating during divorce process california

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I haven’t seen or spoken to her for two weeks (my job has taken me to other offices for the past few weeks) and this morning at 3 a.m.I woke up to more phone calls, texts, and messages on my Instagram from her husband telling me to stay away from her and that it is my fault that they may be getting divorced.I never gave him my phone number; he took her phone to call me from, as well as taking my number He asked me to stay away from her, because he didn’t need anyone to come between them.He also friended my husband and sent him a message stating the same thing he told me and friend-requested a few of my friends on Facebook for some reason.I then emailed my coworker checking in on her a day later, because I was worried about her.She said he had told her about his actions 24 hours after doing it and that he was sorry and would never do it again.She may be upset with you because it’s easier to be upset with you than to deal with whatever’s going on with her husband, and she’s likely pretty embarrassed too.Being kind to her may make it easier for her to move forward in a bunch of different ways.

encourages the free publication and dissemination of results and findings made from this data.I left it at that, knowing that it would be awkward at work but also knowing that his actions should not reflect on her.I resolved to just be professional at work, but I was also really worried about her.I’m not asking you to take any particular action, and there probably isn’t any action to take; I just want you to be in the loop about it in case it escalates.My hope is that it won’t, and I definitely don’t want to make things any harder or more awkward for Coworker, but after the second contact, I felt safer letting someone else at work know what’s going on.” I’d also respect your coworker’s request to limit your relationship to work contact, but make a point of being warm and kind to her when you do interact.

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