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A guide to Bugs and feature requests has been prepared to assist you.

If you believe an already-reported bug report should be added to this page because it is commonly encountered, you can: When Fedora is installed beside Windows on the firmware RAID and on UEFI it could happen that there will be Windows entry missing in grub menu. User can use UEFI boot menu as a workaround (the one-time boot menu is usually reachable via some hotkey like On some setups, installing Fedora over existing firmware or software RAID can cause anaconda to crash.

It is also possible that this might happen to you when performing a system upgrade to Fedora 24. Future use of Package Kit (GNOME Software, Apper) should be safe.

However, if you have ever used these tools in the past, you're strongly advised to fix your "user installed" database before you start using DNF: Please note that this solution is slightly excessive, because you're going to end up with all your packages considered either system essential or user requested, and none of them is ever going to be removed as a no-longer-needed dependency.

We advise against this in any case, but obviously there is a specific and severe reason to avoid it in this case.

If you installed something via Package Kit (used by GNOME Software or KDE Apper), it didn't mark such packages as "user installed" in the DNF database (which is used to differentiate user-requested packages from other packages installed purely as a dependency, but not explicitly requested by the user).

Similarly, if you updated your system using Package Kit (GNOME offline updates, Apper), it erased such "user installed" flags from all updated packages.

package while X is running, it is highly likely that X will crash.

This may be a severe problem if you were running the update process inside of X (e.g. The X crash will kill the update process before the update has properly completed.

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