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I personally witnessed a P30 brought back from the firing line with a severe problem.The slide was locked back, and would not move forward.To be frank, the P30’s go pedal bothered me from the first shot to the last.Not just because of its weight, but because as I pulled the trigger back, my finger would uncomfortably rub across the top of the paddle-style magazine release located at the bottom of the trigger guard.Regardless of the set-up you chose, the heater comes with H&Ks outstanding 3.86’’ polygonal rifled barrel which is supposed to increase muzzle velocity and barrel life.It also means that not only does H&K cold hammer forge their pistol barrels, but they also design them so that even if completely blocked (say, with dirt, mud, blood or the bullet from one of your friend’s handloads) you can still fire a round without the gun going grenade on you.All that being said, let’s take a look at their latest pistol offering. Just like those monsters of the deep, the P30 is highly evolved and looks downright predatory.

Quite a few pistols on the market have interchangeable backstraps, but someone at H&K had the idea that maybe that wasn’t the only part of the stock people might want to adjust.I had to shift my trigger finger placement slightly to the left, but after doing so, the mag release wasn’t a problem.Predictably, the double action pull is long and heavy.It pointed very naturally, just like an extension of my arm, just the way a gun in this class should. I started off with the 9mm version going fairly slowly, plinking at paper targets at different ranges just to get a feel for the firearm and to get used to the SA/DA trigger.I have to admit, I’m spoiled rotten when it comes to triggers.

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I’m used to nice 1911 designs with fairly light triggers.