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Treatment may include – although it is not limited to -- such modalities as:1.

Letting go of who we desperately want our children to be, of what we dreamed they would become, is one of the most difficult tasks for parents at this stage -- when children transition into young adulthood.The journey to reach autonomy and agency for the struggling to launch young adult is a long, difficult one -- for kid and parents alike.Although it is never easy or fast, it can be made far more bearable if we begin by setting realistic expectations based on clear data regarding our child’s capabilities and limitations.To see those dreams become hazy and unclear, to feel them fall apart, can be an experience that parents find frightening.In the face of forces beyond our control, we begin to feel powerless, and may react by blaming our children for what they are not doing – and in reality, cannot yet do.

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Rick Silver, Founder and Director of The THRIVE Center, located in Columbia: The mother of a 20 year old patient had spent an hour with me in my office, explaining the details of her son’s developmental challenges over the past decade.“I’m hoping you can tell us what’s wrong and what to do about it.

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