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Because most American Jews today are no longer in love with Israel in the way that they were during the period following 1967, there is a tendency to see the relationship as newly troubled and in terminal decline.It is much more that the infatuation has come to an end; this is now a troubled marriage.

If you take that a step further, Israeli Jews We are fundamentally different in the way we function.

There have always been tensions about the degree to which Israel has the right to speak for all Jews.

The Netanyahu government is a symptom of this, not the cause.

To argue that Israeli Jews and American Jews are growing apart is to miss the bigger picture.

They have far more in common and interact and communicate with one another far more today than ever before in their histories. During my first visits to Israel in the 1960s and 1970s, the attitude of Israelis was that every Jew who didn’t move there was missing his role in history.

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Within that group there is growing debate and argument about Israel, particularly about Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians. Jews might become completely alienated from Israel.

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