Agency county dating orange

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Agency county dating orange

Of course, by the time they returned to domestic soil, Tamra was convinced Vicki had ramped up the ‘Eddie Is Gay’ tales to the tabloids and their peace was over.

Like all despotic rulers neither allows their guard down to trust the other’s sincerity.

As it turns out the timetable of Peggy’s foray onto RHOC was very bad. Peggy explains that a lot of her nonsensical babble wasn’t just being an Armenian exchange student, but being in chronic pain while recovering from surgery and loss, and also being on medication.

Two weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer, her father died, and 2 months after that she had a mastectomy. Losing both her breasts plus her father, it’s hard not to feel terribly sorry for Peggy, but I’m also terribly confused as to why she still decided to do RHOC. It showed an unsightly side of the women that none of them were very sympathetic to her plight – even last night, hearing everything that happened only Vicki and Lydia expressed empathy.

Also, Tamra has made some absolutely disgusting f–ked up ALLEGATIONS about other people and their marriages.

See in Iceland the ladies began to thaw after Vicki was escorted out of the hotel with a blanket on her head (because Peggy splashed water in her face and made her hair frizz.), and was welcomed back into the coven with a casserole and champagne (which admittedly does sound like an awesome welcome back! Shannon stands by her decision not to accept Vicki’s viking apology, but Vicki insists that with Tamra pressuring her she couldn’t refuse to apologize in the moment. She could’ve explained over shots of Black Death that she’d rather SKOL with Shannon now, and talk later in private.Firstly Tamra allegedly has for months called Shannon daily to cry over how hurt she is that Vicki is destroying her marriage. The same Tamra who cannot stop publicly discussing her daughter, despite her daughter repeatedly requesting that she not be mentioned on social media or RHOC, and then using that situation to garner sympathy and prayer groups?Tamra claims Vicki even had a friend start an online petition seeking for Eddie to come out. I absolutely agree Vick crossed the line inviting Gretchen and Ricky to her party, and entertaining their salacious gossip about Eddie.So, little thing about me – my JOB is reporting on reality TV gossip and I’ve never heard these rampant stories about Eddie’s sexuality? Furthermore, Andy is correct – Vicki shrugging that she doesn’t know for certain if Eddie is gay or not, or apologizing by suggesting that Eddie used Tamra for a gym, spur on speculation, and it’s super wrong.Vicki apologizes at least once a month, and then Tamra tells her she accepts, before changing her mind and deciding it’s not good enough.

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