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Comment and let me know if you liked it, and if the captions helped or if they were just plain annoying.ENJOY:) UPDATE: 9/22/2010 At nick actually starts to laugh because you can see Demi’s hand doing a peace sign and poking him if you look at the bottom..The ticket matching all six numbers was sold last month at Marietta Liquor & Deli in the small Southern California city of Menifee.There's one Jeff Lindsay listed in Menifee, but no one answered when a CBS Los Angeles reported knocked on the door this week.That, in turn, is most of the .8 million all Ottawa’s hospitals are sharing for this kind of work.

'So I think he’s a really swell guy.'According to public records, it appears that Lindsay is married.

MP3s are only offered for a limited time and are changed frequently.

And if you guys notice anything else please let me know!

cast has been keeping busy this fall filming the upcoming second season of the Freeform series!

Stars Bella Thorne, Georgie Flores, Carter Jenkins, Pepi Sonuga, Charlie De Pew, and Keith Powers have been sharing lots of photos and videos from set, including a few more famous guest stars.

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Fraser’s a sturdily built guy and Kendall kept asking him not to brush against things.

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