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American gypsy dating

De Matteo co-starred as Krissi Cates in the film adaptation of Dark Places (2015), with Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Nicholas Hoult. Tess Nazario in the NBC drama series Shades of Blue, starring alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta. In 1997, de Matteo opened Filth Mart, an East Village clothing store with her then-boyfriend Michael Sportes.

"I completely fell in love with the story," she tells Rolling Stone. I still think about it all the time."Carr's new HBO documentary, Mommy Dead and Dearest, uses home videos, medical records, text messages, interrogation-room clips and exclusive in-person interviews with Gypsy to shine fresh light on the tangle of lies that encompassed the Blanchards' lives.But there are real allegations, too – multiple relatives accused the late Dee Dee of everything from writing bad checks, to credit card fraud, to poisoning her father's second wife, to killing her own mother, Emma Pitre, by slow starvation.These same relatives exhibit a rather chilling lack of regret about the way things ended for Dee Dee. Gypsy may have picked up some of her mother's tendencies for manipulating the truth It's unclear exactly which mental illnesses Dee Dee may have struggled with when she was alive, but according to some in the film, her daughter may have unconsciously adopted some of the mom's more questionable psychological tendencies. Dee Dee was a master manipulator," journalist Michelle Dean, who covered the case for Buzzfeed, says in the film."She was OK," her father, Claude Pitre, says of Dee Dee as a child.Dee Dee's nephew, Bobby Pitre, remembered her as a "real weird girl" and suggested she may have suffered from multiple personality disorder or bipolar disorder.

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Dee Dee tracked her down, dragged her home and smashed her phone and computer.

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