Are justin hartley and erica durance dating

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But there was one clue that Clark Kent's long-awaited transformation into Superman was approaching.As series star Tom Welling filmed a scene in the Phantom Zone with Justin Hartley (aka Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow), the camera zoomed in on Welling's chiseled face, revealing a well-placed wisp of hair forming what looked a lot like pop culture's most iconic spit curl. New episodes return tonight at 8/7c on The CW.) A few hours later, wearing a royal blue t-shirt, black jeans and black boots, a relaxed Welling took a break from filming to talk to about his decade-long odyssey as the man who would be Super.TV Guide Magazine: The show has so many fans, with so many expectations for how it should end.

I hope that people have enjoyed the story that we've told.

TV Guide Magazine: You've already filmed the series finale and you have just a couple more weeks left.

What's going through your mind so close to the end?

You're really going scene by scene, episode by episode, year by year, trying to stay in the moment and do the best job you can and hope that people respond to it.

TV Guide Magazine: The show has undergone many cast changes over the years, and maintained a loyal fanbase. Welling: One perspective that I subscribe to is the idea that the evolution of this show has matched the journey of Clark Kent.

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Welling: I find myself pretty excited to, in a sense, graduate.