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There were a lot of songs planned for Guitar Hero Live's GHTV mode that was never released.

These "unreleased songs" were later discovered in the i OS port of Guitar Hero Live and can be accessed in the i OS port of Guitar Hero Live with a jailbroken i OS device by editing the ID's in the "shop.db" file while running the game.

However, there are some songs that are played live and live songs have their live recorded footage in the background.

Upon GH Live's launch on October 20, 2015, GHTV had 200 available songs.

Every week, the set of three Premium Shows is changed and the Premium songs are added in the music catalog when the Premium Show ends.

The following table contains songs that have been added to GHTV since launch, including those released through Premium Shows and those directly added to on-demand.

Chelsea Caldwell., Hollin., Wilson., Hollingsworth., What shes using now.

The game's soundtrack include songs by The Black Keys, Blitz Kids, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, Gary Clark, Jr., Green Day, The Killers, The Lumineers, My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, The Rolling Stones, Skrillex, The War on Drugs, and many more.

Her most high-profile matches were a WWE Women's Championship match against Melina at Wrestle Mania 23 and a Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjill match at Wrestle Mania XXIV. During her tenure in the company, she appeared on the covers of several magazines, including the April 2007 issue of Playboy.She has also made guest appearances on several television shows and performed in music videos.Massaro's storyline feud with Wilson and Michelle continued over the next couple weeks, as the duo, along with their enforcer Victoria (dubbed as the "Skankateers" by commentator Jim Ross), made things difficult for Massaro.Tressler., Faith Tresslercaldwell., Chelsea Hollin., Chelsea hollingsworth., Chelsea Wilson., Chelsea caldwell.Faith., Kibler Marie Wilson., FAith Caldwell., Faith Tressler ., Faith caldwelltressler many not known by me Louis C Hollingsworth., Louis Hollingsworth., Craig Hollingsworth.

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Musical variety is at the heart of Guitar Hero Live.

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