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This is the one word my girlfriend blurts out when I ask what she wants for her upcoming 33rd birthday, her so-called Jesus year.An artist and burlesque performer, Alex is something of a bohemian, and as such I'm not expecting her to have her heart set on a trip to Paris or a Fendi purse.Kenneth is more than just familiar to Alex, he's a fan of hers. Just let me know the details and I'll be there." With Alex's dirty-dance card more or less full, the next step is to find a date within a week or two of her birthday that works for everyone.Later, when I ask him if he would join myself and some other folks in making my girlfriend's ultimate sex fantasy come true, he says, "I would absolutely love to! After some early back and forth, I propose a date in early September to the group. Kiki will be out of town for most of the month though, and Adam can no longer participate because he and his girlfriend have renegotiated the boundaries of their relationship."All participants are focused solely on making the woman feel good and fulfilling a fantasy.She is totally in control." She tells me that while she wants to be challenged by the get-together, she needs to be quarterbacking the affair.New York City therapist Dee Dee Goldpaugh says that whether they choose to enact them or not, women in her clinical practice who fantasize about gangbangs are seeking to subvert the sexual narrative with which they grew up; that women's pleasure is either secondary to, or a happy byproduct of, male pleasure.

I agree in theory, but I still want to build in some contingencies in the event that one or even two of these guys aren't able to make it.I suppose that a gangbang is just going to be the latest and greatest; a natural extension of some of the expeditions we've already mounted.I'm certain that Alex's taboo-busting desire comes from a good place.Beyond that, they've got to be cool, respectful, sex-positive, and have bodies I can perv on." To my intense relief, Alex confirms my spot in the lineup right away.She then names Gabriel, a go-go dancer friend with whom we had our first threesome back in April. He's someone we've already been intimate with; a known quantity, an old hand with abs for days and a truly remarkable schwanz.

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"But if they're friends with Kenneth and have a sex-positive outlook and plenty of experience, I'm down with all of them." With Gabriel and Peter's permission, I add all seven bangers and Alex to the Facebook message group and all voice their enthusiasm for the upcoming event.

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