Automated dirty chat

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Whether that’s through the user deliberately trying to “break” your bot or simply through trying to do things in a way you did not expect, your bot needs to be ready to respond to the user with something other than a generic sorry message.

If your bot continues to repeat “sorry i didn’t quite get that” providing no information on an alternate course of action then you will lose that user.

If an error is occurring when the user is being asked his address you could say “Sorry, I’m still new to human geography try formatting your address 231 Cedar St, NY, NY 11211” or if a user encounters an error while asking for in item the bot could say “Hey! You can see everything we offer here: LINK.” This way you don’t lose users due to interaction frustration.Over the next 60 minutes; you’ll hear about Rob’s early years of trading during the 80’s, and how he’s developed into the trader he is today.Rob also drives home the importance of risk management, shares a few gambling analogies, and talks about the benefit of interacting with other traders on a regular basis.We may share your information with credit reference agencies, our group companies, local authorities, other utilities and other companies for use in credit decisions, for fraud prevention and to pursue debtors.If you need any further information please call us on 0345 1 24 24 24 or write to us at our registered address.

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It’s critical that chatbot developers This tightrope act is the key to users coming back to your bot over and over again, and spreading your bot to their own networks as well.

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