Big fat gypsy wedding dating

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Big fat gypsy wedding dating

No wonder they want one very special day in one outstanding outfit and setting before embarking on their futures.

This is a visually stunning series, but frightening in some of its implications.

It's about gypsies and travelers and gives you a look inside their lives and their heritage.

I don't know if this is how all gypsies or travelers are but it is very entertaining and fun to watch.

There are glimmers of hope for the culture as a very few girls are seen to be continuing their education and learning a skill other than cleaning and child-raising...although some of the girls seem totally happy to be staying at home with their husbands and kids, and I say good for them if they are content!"I climbed up in the tree because I knew I was dead.I knew if he got his hands on me that that would be the end of me." But because she had cut her foot badly when kicking out the window, she wasn't able to stay up in the tree.Violence, disregard for law, macho attitudes and the patronizing way they view women makes traveller men easy to dislike in this series, with a few exceptions: Paddy, for all his tough-guy bravado, is really sweet to watch with his wife of many years, Roseanne.And young groom John Mc Fadyen, despite being a little immature, has an obviously genuine love and empathy for his beautiful teenage bride Cheyenne as she goes through with a wedding shortly after losing her mother to cancer.

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