Black polygamy dating

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Black polygamy dating

He states we can marry the way they marry in Senegal and not have anything on paper (the american way)if i'm not ready or have second thoughts. I do love this man but my fear is- what if he has a wife in Senegal?

He does not pressure me about marriage but he expresses his desire to marry me from time to time. I DON'T want to share rather it be American or any other culture.

Ultimately, what I have learned from my boyfriend is that polygamy can often be really awful and there is little success with it in this day, however, in certain settings, it has a purpose. But this is coming from the perspective of an American girl who would greatly dislike the idea of sharing her love and partner with another woman.

I would be in another polygamy marriage; for someone like me that is in their early 40's, have a career, going to school, have no desire to have children(well maybe one) and would rather be alone most the time its ideal for me.

Being a muslim I cannot date and I am not the jealous type so sharing is not a big thing to me.

I've been to NY several times to see him since we met and he'll be coming here next month.

He wants to marry and i question his live in Senegal.

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As long as all parties are in agreement, get along and treated fairly and equally.