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The purchase of the FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera included a three day training course at the Infrared Training Center (ITC) for the inspectors that were expected to work with the camera.

According to Van Doorn the FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera is very user friendly.

It is also compact, lightweight, portable, and it is very easy to use, requiring very little training." An optical gas imaging camera is a quick, non-contact measuring instrument that can immediately give the camera operator an overview of the situation.

It can also be used in hard-to-access locations, since it can detect small leaks from several meters away and big leaks from hundreds of meters away, and it can also show leaks in moving transport vehicles, such as tanker trucks, but also barges and rail wagons.

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Although these techniques are robust and can quantify the emissions these technologies are very expensive to purchase, they are unwieldy, requiring large trucks to carry the equipment, and also complicated to use, requiring a lot of training to be used effectively.

The FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera contains a cooled Indium Antimonide (In Sb) infrared detector that produces thermal images with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels at a thermal sensitivity 25 m K (0,025 °C).The gas visualization functionality of the FLIR GF-Series optical gas imaging cameras is based on the absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the infrared wavelength by gases.Most gases absorb infrared radiation at specific wavelengths.See cutting-edge exhibits, learn from expert-led education, network with peers and more, Nov. Click the button below to be notified when registration for FABTECH 2018 is available!Some industrial, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants emit gases that can harm the environment and impede the health of company employees and inhabitants of the surrounding area.

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In other words, there are infrared wavelengths where the gas is essentially opaque.