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I use those plastic containers that you put hermit crabs in.

Put a paper towel in the bottom so they can grip better I live in Houston it’s about 60 to 80 degrees and have only two milkweed plants.

In respect to species that overwinter as pupas, my one insect book quotes Dale Schweitzer, “A good general rule is that underground pupae should not be exposed to temperatures below 20-25 degrees F. We have left them outside for now and maybe we can test this whole question on these guys -especially since we are almost out of milkweed! how warm does it need to be outside for him to live That’s amazing that you already have a Monarch in Canada!

Looking at my pupas that are overwintering, the swallowtail and moth shells are very tough in comparison to the monarchs. I’ll see if I can find a more definitive answer, but first I need to get out the snow blower and clear the driveway. Today the temperature was 60F so we were looking at the milkweed we had outside and sure enough, we found 3 little cats. We did not see them on the day we brought all the others inside & the temps outside got down to 22F (we know that because our pool automatically comes on 27F that temp to keep the pipes from freezing). is it ok to let him go when there is snow on the ground?And then release them when all chances of a frost are gone…maybe around late March early April. I’ve never ever seen a Monarch get nectar from any fruit, like oranges and such. I can’t quite visualize what kind of habitat you built for them, but if you wanted to slow their progression from chrysalis to Butterfly, cooler temperatures will help with that. I still have lots of flowers on the Milkweeds I bought at Lowes.If it’s above freezing, maybe about 40 degrees or say, if you can take that habitat outside then do that. I’ve never seen a monarch get nectar from fruit, but I have manually fed them grape juicy-juice (which is basically sugar water). I just worry they will not be able to find any food when I release them. utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=A00-022&gclid=CLH4657C_sg CFVORHwod9KIG3w# ….. with 6 pots with 3 plants each of milkweed plants inside). May go check tomorrow to see if they have any more.After a couple of attempts, it should start drinking.As far as letting it go, if there are any flowering plants, and if the temps are above 50, you can probably let it go, although it may really have to hunt for food.

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