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Polygyny is Africa, if you need a picture in your head.

After a while, there will be sexbots for women, though the technology to make a realistic male sexbot will have to be far more advanced, given that lonely women will want them mostly for romantic pillow talk, intuitive understanding, and household chores.

Sexbots, and other realistic simulacra of sex with a hot woman, will occupy the attention and, ahem, energy of a mass of omega and beta males who will prefer the intense experience of release with their Minka Kelly lookalike bots over uninspiring sex with the human plain janes and fatties who would normally be their lot.

What sexbots and VR tech (yolodecks) will essentially create is a massive unemployment crisis among Western women.

That’s a lot of “new economy” jobs removed from human circulation by robots.

The biggest impact will be a reduction in the asking price of women (in normie terms: a lot of sub-hottie women will have to date below their league if they don’t want to be alone).These castaways will struggle to find love and marriage (which is a woman’s prime purpose in life).Omega males and those marginal rejects on the left hand side of the beta male curve will also be out of the sexual market, but their joblessness won’t hit them as psychologically hard as it does beta women, because the men will be the jobless equivalent of “not seeking work”, content to wile away their recreational time (by then almost all their time) in the uncannily supple bosoms of their sexbots.They’re flirty from the start and relentless in trying to continue the conversation. And “Plenty of Fish, with three million active users daily, states: ‘This site is an entertainment service.’”That’s not to say you won’t meet a genuinely great lady on these sites. Use these details to start a conversation with her.If someone catches your eye online, you can avoid wasting your time by using a few common sense measures. Check for details that add up to a real person — does she have hobbies? If it flows well and you feel a spark, it’s time to take it offline and ask her out on a real date.

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Several of my male friends have complained about matching with a woman on Tinder, only to be offered The Girlfriend Experience, or GFE, because the “woman” is actually an escort. ’…Another tactic is to ask the bot to spell words backwards, or to use a lot of pronouns like “it.”Or you can avoid the conversation entirely and check the fine print in the terms and conditions.

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  1. (Seriously, this page reads like a freakin' novel.)But instead of listing his most admirable qualities, Rifkin switches the script on a typical dating profile and describes all the reasons you'd never want to settle down with a guy like him.