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Modification of the messages and notifications visible in the chat window on the visitor’s side opens up a lot of possibilities for creating the perfect chatting interface.If you run multiple language site you can assign a dedicated language department to each webpage.Trader On Her Period: I guess Taeil: Still have that as your name Dogie: nvm taeil is here Trader On Her Period: Rosé won't change it and idk how to. Mark: ever tried resetting the app or deleting the app and downloading it again. Taeil: Black Pink is here Tae Dad: No they're not Meme Dealer: Taeil what are you talking about Taeil: I literally saw Lisa walk into our dorm 5 minutes ago Meme Dealer: Taeil: Yeah she came in.... Tae Dad: Why didn't we see this Taeil: because you guys stay in your room all day.

Aby zostać użytkownikiem premium (ZŁOTYM) na całe życie i odblokować tę opcję, musisz tylko jeden raz kupić dowolną ilość tokenów!In this tutorial you can find information concerning: You can offer you Live Chat in several different languages by setting up different languages for your groups.To do this, you need to create a group for each language you want to cover and then set the correct language for them.All references to names in the images refer to fictitious company and fictitious persons, designed for illustration purposes only.Bold is English [you can now log out] Trader On Her Period: thank you Doyoung Dogie: Yeah no problem... Tae Dad: Hello Mark: Hey Trader On Her Period: oh hi guys Dogie: look who decided to come back Mark: I got board ok.... Dogie: yes Meme Dealer: are we the only ones on here? As for me I'm the only one in the living room right now.

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Naciśnij "zębatkę", aby włączyć obsługę Flash dla swojej przeglądarki.

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  1. You can delete individual Vines or delete your account, but since is like a time capsule, you cannot modify any other public-facing information including your name, username, vanity URL, avatar, bio or profile background color. You can still view your Vines on the website through your browser.