Dating and marriage customs in vietnam

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Dating and marriage customs in vietnam

They attacked the long-standing misogynist tradition that regarded women as property—hence any bride who was not a virgin was stigmatized as "damaged goods"—and which denied that women should even expect to achieve sexual satisfaction.To counter this injustice, feminists declared that women should be able to have sex on equal terms with men, to claim their right to sexual pleasure, and even beat men in their own game of sexual domination.Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine became the chief popularizer of this new ethic, and its "Playboy philosophy" has shaped the sexual attitudes of several generations.Playboy trumpeted the life of bachelor pleasures where women are sex objects to be enjoyed, as opposed to responsible and unselfish partnerships with women, thus rationalizing the worldview of adolescent boys.From this point of view, a woman's efforts in the sexual sphere could be an expression of a liberated consciousness.The popularity of psychoanalysis and the works of Sigmund Freud also contributed to a questioning of traditional sexual mores. The world's major religions concur in viewing sexual intimacy as proper only within marriage; otherwise it can be destructive to human flourishing.The Fall of Man in Genesis, the story of Helen of Troy in the Iliad, and accounts of the decline of the Roman Empire brought on by decadent sexual mores are examples of how traditional wisdom has viewed the wrong use of sex as a cause of human downfall.

Accompanying this norm is the widespread belief that sex acts are devalued when engaged in outside of the marriage bed.

Traditional religions often restricted and denigrated sex.

Medieval Catholicism taught that sex was dirty and impure, lifting up the Virgin Mary as the ideal of womanhood and encouraging true believers to live celibate lives as priests and nuns.

Yet sexual encounters are not merely a physical activity like enjoying good food.

Sex involves the partners in their totality, touching their minds and hearts as well as their bodies.

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Sexual misconduct is somehow connected to the Original Sin, when Adam and Eve yielded to temptation in the Garden of Eden and afterwards covered their lower parts (Genesis 3:7).