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These will be different; a mashup of all these, informative but ‘fun’.

Currently there is a development in the direction that I named earlier; the offline consolidation of knowledge and contacts by a central ‘actor’ that knows how to find the right people from the online social networks: commercial dating.

Press conferences, première nights and other presentations which we’ve been familiar with for quite some time, will be changed or altered to a real ‘twitterparty’ or similar event, for like minded people or converted to an event where knowledge sharing will be the key.

What you may or may not know about me is I work in communications. So here it is: First of all — why would POSSIBLY think their best shot to have a woman talk candidly about her dating experiences is to have a man accost her on the street and ask her deeply personal dating questions? I would think this guy was a random creep whose excuse to talk to me about dating (and film me) was to say he was making a commercial for an online dating site. I believe I speak for EVERY woman who has ever been asked that question when I say the asker is usually some guy whose shirt has one too many buttons undone, whose hair definitely has either a crunchy or slimy property to it (I can never tell which and I’m too nervous to try to touch it), and who leans a liiiiiiiittle too close with his onion-y tuna fish breath to ask it. What a fabulous story to tell the grandkids.’ And her actual response is three qualities. The interviewer helps us out with this by keeping count on his fingers. His literally counts to three on his fingers while she talks. ” Or saying, “What if I told you I voted for George W.

Drinks, ‘open coffee’ and other events organized via twitter, facebook and ning are, in my opinion, just the start of things to come.

There is a demand and more Twittershizzles or whatever you’d like to come up with will be there soon.

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This week I’ve been binge watching Scandal because I’m super behind. Anyway, the reason this is relevant is because when I’m behind on a TV show, I watch it On Demand. Why in God’s green earth would pay money to play this (repeatedly) as a commercial!?

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