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Due to the heavy influence of British common and ecclesiastical law at present when the U. was forming laws, concepts such as limited and absolute divorce were borrowed from those systems and remain part of American jurisprudence in some states today.

Generally, you are considered married until your divorce is final, and you cannot legally remarry before your current marriage is terminated -- even if you are in the process of divorcing.

Additionally, a limited divorce doesn't terminate property claims.

Property owned together remains property of both parties.

Couples that can’t come to an agreement on the custodial arrangements or division of property may benefit from a limited divorce as a precursor to an absolute divorce.It is important to seek the independent advice of an experienced attorney when considering entering into a separation agreement. It is important to evaluate the source of funds used to purchase property and the date of acquisition to determine whether or not property is marital.In some cases, it is impossible for the court to divide marital property. How and when marital property was acquired, including the effort each party made towards acquisition. Property that was acquired during the marriage, even though titled in your own name, may be marital.If you can prove that you and your spouse have separate living quarters – and not just in separate areas of the house -- you can petition the court for a limited divorce.Other criteria include desertion by one spouse or behavior deemed abusive or unreasonably cruel toward either spouse or children who live in the house.

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A limited divorce period isn’t necessary for couples who want more finality.

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