Dating for hiv positive

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Dating for hiv positive

However, under the close supervision of a good physician, you and your partner can be safely sexually active.If you need more help or want to talk about risks and options further, reach out to your health care provider or your partner's HIV specialist.That’s true even if there’s a little bit of blood on the tip of his dick after a rough fuck. Look, it’s not our job to teach you the realities of modern medicine, and a smart, self-respecting gay man should do the work on his own to educate himself on what his options are if he gets HIV, and what options are available to prevent it. But then I became positive, and suddenly all these terms became significant to me — my life depended on them.Dating people different from you makes you better — in all cases. That cute dude on your hookup app sending you woofs and hole pics is poz.I’m coming up on my five-year anniversary with HIV. Medicine isn’t perfect and big pharma is real, but all the rallying, organizing, research, and billions of dollars poured into a virus that hit us suddenly and brutally have accomplished something extraordinary: we are on the cusp of an AIDS-free world.

If you’re trying to avoid potential infections, who is the safer option? We may not always be game for anything, but the point is that HIV isn’t an impediment.In all likelihood, you don’t know who around you is HIV-positive until they say so, or until you see that little “ /u” (or some variation of that) on their Grindr profile (“ /u” translates to “positive and undetectable”), or until you see them categorized as “Poz” on Scruff.Despite this being the reality — the fact that HIV-positive gay men are everywhere, particularly if you’re the slightest bit involved in your queer community everywhere in your life — you might not grasp how many of us there are until you start looking.It’s hard to even call it a “mistake,” since it’s one every sexually active person makes at some point.No one should be demonized forever for a “mistake” they make once.

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That’s true regardless of condom use — if you’re undetectable, you’re unable to transmit HIV even when you play bare.

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