Dating love hungary 2016

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Publication of the dissemination calendar of first releases for year 2018 .

more» HCSO website will not be available between 8 April 2016, 3 p.m. more» Applying changes in gross domestic product (GDP) calculation to quarterly data .more» The National Statistical Co-ordination Board was established .more» Change in the release date of the first release ‘Construction, February 2017’ . more» Hungarian Central Statistical Office is now using JDemetra for seasonal adjustment .more» The Information Service will not be available on Friday, from 12 pm due to network failure .more» The Dissemination database is not going to be available on 10 May from to due to maintenance .

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more» The website is not going to be available between 7 July 8 p.m. more» Presidents of statistical offices from all over the world hold their meeting in HCSO .

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