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To push or rush the injury could lead to further problems, and in the long run keep the athlete on the sidelines for an even longer period of time.At the Mountain View Pain Center we have seen many injuries to various athletes.The Trainer’s Room is written exclusively for Midwest Sports Fans by Denver chiropractors Dr. Ihsan Erhuy of the Maintain View Pain Center in Denver, CO.You can contact them by leaving a comment below or sending an email to Dr.

The methods with which we treat each player are specific to their needs.

This is done by doing a thorough exam of the joint.

X-rays should be taken to rule out a fracture or any possible underlying pathology that could be masking the symptoms.

Many different therapies can be used to treat pain, break up adhesions (scar tissue), or stimulate healing.

The reason the Mountain View Pain Center prefers to use microcurrent therapy for this specific injury is that this particular modality has all of these benefits, thus decreasing the amount of time and money the patient would need to spend.

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