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[Source: Molly Moore, Washington Post] Almost all Indian children are raised with the expectation that their parents will arrange their marriages, but an increasing number of young people, especially among the college-educated, are finding their own spouses.So-called love marriages are deemed a slightly scandalous alternative to properly arranged marriages. Nayar, Encyclopedia of Sexuality, \*/] Indians are very practical about marriage and the union of bride and groom is often seen as a merger of business and family.It is estimated that 80 percent of all marriages in South Asia are arranged by the bride and groom's parents.Many future spouses in India have never met one another before they are introduced by their parents.The Switzer/Syvecs flex-fuel conversions I’m talking about should be considered “neutral ground” here, because they focus on ethanol, rather than propane, but did you notice that their conversions are almost exclusively featured on 0,000 sportscars?That’s because, as I touched on above, getting conversions right is expensive, and it could be years before a conversion pays for itself.Of course, BTUs are only one small part of the overall equation.

The main difference in range comes from a difference in heat energy per liter of fuel (gasoline’s is better).

Even so arranged marriages have a very high success rate.

There are fewer divorces with arranged marriages than with love marriages based on the fact there are relatively low divorce rates in countries with arranged marriages and high divorce rates in countries with love marriages.

There are sensors, processors, wires, connectors – a bunch of electronics, in other words, and they’re all driven, controlled, and calibrated by software.

That software, by the way, is often encrypted by the manufacturers to make it difficult (if not impossible) to change stuff.

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On top of that, all those sensors, processors, etc. What that means to you, would-be-propane converter, is that getting it wrong is far, Far, FAR easier than getting it right.