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After sharing a friendly hug and an awkward pause afterwards, they share a passionate kiss.Immediately afterward, however, Mark apologizes and voices his guilt at going behind his girlfriend's back, and is relieved to be called to fight off an alien invasion.

In Invincible #34, Invincible meets a version of Atom Eve from 15 years in the future who confesses her undying love for him.

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Prior to the first issue of Invincible, Atom Eve joins the Teen Team as an after-school superhero.

She soon starts a friendship with Invincible after the two meet saving a shipment of video game consoles from a Mauler twin.

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When Invincible approaches her after hearing about her visit, Eve tells him her plan, which she was saving as a surprise: Eve had been visiting Stronghold and other such scenes where other super-villain battles have taken place (not shown but rather alluded to in her dialogue) in the hopes of creating a super-protection service wherein Invincible would be paid to be on-call to protect certain locations from threats, ultimately being paid to do what he would normally be doing for free.