First internet dating

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" list which many people used as an early web directory. The web site is still active, and the original web page format is still available online.

It passed through several commercial owners and is now run by Logika Corporation.Designed by Francis Heylighen, Cliff Joslyn and Valentin Turchin to develop a cybernetic philosophy. Created in 1994 by a group of Marketing professors.It offered general marketing news for marketers and professors of marketing.A webcam pointed at a fishtank located at Netscape headquarters.According to a contemporaneous article by The Economist, "In its audacious uselessness—and that of thousands of ego trips like it—lie the seeds of the Internet revolution."Created by Scott Pakin in April 1994, the site allows users to specify the name of the individual or company that the complaint is directed toward, as well as the number of paragraphs the complaint will be.

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