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In fact, consider The Sexy Brutale: you could end up reliving a single day at a fancy, sprawling casino mansion where you're attempting to save the lives of nine guests who get slaughtered by the staff during an annual masquerade ball. So during one day in the time-loop you might thwart the death of one guest, but when you try to save another the next day, the guest you saved "yesterday" dies gruesomely once more.That's The Sexy Brutale for you—a sad, attractive adventure combining time travel elements of Majora's Mask with the murder-solving antics of Clue and the sensibilities of Edward Gorey.For another, we get a much better look at the keno and lotto live dealers because there are no dastardly casino tables to obstruct our view.So if you want a change from the standard table games available at most LDC sites, check out the range at G’day Casino.That goes double if you have a sweet tooth for Balkan beauties, as the Ezugi studio is based in Latvia and features some of the finest live dealer girls in all of eastern Europe.Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day believed he was in hell, but let's admit it: There are worse possible time loops to get ensnared in than having to spend your days reporting on rodent shadows and courting 1990s Andie Mac Dowell.(Later, you can reset the time loop to start from any clock in the mansion.) To take the earliest, simplest such puzzle, you save your first life by replacing the live cartridge in a rifle with a blank.The grateful guest then takes off his or her mask--this is a masquerade, after all--and transfers its power to you, unlocking new skills, such as the ability to hear distant conversations or shatter glass with your voice.

The Playboy casino catalogue consists of live dealer blackjack, European roulette and bonus baccarat, all of which come with the same high-quality video streaming and convenient in-play features as you get with other Microgaming live dealer options.So if you’re after the sexiest live dealers online, do yourself a favour and check out these extra special games at our leading real money casino sites.Since partnering up with the Playboy franchise in 2013, Microgaming’s signature live dealer tables have proven a huge hit all over the globe.Besides classics such as live dealer baccarat and online 21, these guys also run real money lotto draws which are modified especially for the live casino format: We especially like Live Lottery and Live Keno.For one, these hand-drawn games have the retro feel of your traditional Saturday Lotto call – and who hasn’t had a thing for the lottery girl at some point in time?

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