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Like wicked men in Bible times, pornographers frequently employ deception.

It is estimated that as part of an aggressive effort to attract new customers, some two billion pornographic E-mails are sent each day.

Often the unsolicited E-mails have subject lines that make them appear harmless.

However, opening one can launch a barrage of immoral images that is difficult to stop.

We come to abhor selfish and greedy attitudes that can wreck our family and destroy our relationship with Jehovah.“The fear of Jehovah,” which “means the hating of bad,” is the basis for developing godly attributes.(Proverbs 1:7; ; ) Love and reverence for God, along with a healthy respect for his power and authority, result in our hating and avoiding the bad things he hates.Intent on engaging in immoral relations, those “cunning of heart” use “smoothness of the tongue” to tell potential victims what they want to hear.(Proverbs ; ) Nicola, a 26-year-old victim from the United Kingdom, explains: “It was like a love bombardment.

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