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It isn't surprising that to avoid being fined, they've quickly switched to the online world.

While Bangkok is filled with adult entertainment options regulars soon learn that most of the many shops around the city basically offer the same thing in different packaging.

There are only a few types of shops and few dare to differentiate themselves from the pack.7 Heaven is blazing a trail.

It is a new and innovative shop in a field where most businesses simply copy each other.

Your internet provider, the government, your boss, your landlord, or anybody who can have access to your connection information will have no way of knowing which websites you've visited, if you've gambled, if you've watched porn, or if you've downloaded movies. Free VPNs exist (for instance but they always have a limited bandwidth.

It means that if you want to watch a movie, it will load very slowly, even if you have a high-speed connection. Most offer a free trial for 1 month (or up to 3 months for Golden Frog) so I like to change once in a while.

If you are not familiar with them, they are used to play sounds/music that are rumored to make their listeners high (you need a dedicated binaural headset for that).Among those who know of the shop there have been some rumors that the place is meant for Japanese customers only. While Japanese customers are clearly welcome by a website with some Japanese characters people from other countries are also warmly accepted.The multilingual front desk staff speaks Thai, English and Japanese so they are potentially capable of talking to hundreds of millions of people. As anyone with eyes can see they are for the most part very good looking.Since 2 weeks, there hasn't been any website I couldn't open.I can watch videos, sometimes while downloading torrents, and I don't notice any differences in speed.

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