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Freerecorded sex messages

Evangeline: nope Urizenus: so how did you make money Evangeline: visitor’s…and people would tip me the owner for the service Urizenus: ic Evangeline: wait i dont think there was visitor bonus back then Evangeline: nvm Urizenus: lol Evangeline: i would get many tips though Evangeline: so many i had a waiting list Urizenus: how many girls were you running back then Evangeline: all my girls had to recreate and wear special granny girl uniform Urizenus: did you interview them before you hired them Evangeline: i had managers who interviewd them Urizenus: ic Urizenus: and did you do background checks for age etc?Evangeline: nothing Urizenus: you say maxis was “eating your pussy all night”, does that mean you had maxis employees as customers?

Evangeline: (speaking as granny)Evangeline: i love my grandbabies in AVEvangeline: they inspired me Evangeline: i never did any sex Urizenus: thank god Evangeline: only the girls would work selling them young bodies Urizenus: ic Evangeline: other places would take the girls money..i or my granddaughters never did Evangeline: it was free stay just sell the pussy Evangeline: u keep all ur profits Urizenus: you didn’t take a cut?

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