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Geek dating show

Do you see a link between Simon Magus/Paul and 'The Egyptian' mentioned in Josephus and confused with Paul in the Book of Acts?Assuming that a Pauline mythic-Jesus worship was spread over Asia minor/Greece first, what is the most likely geographical origin for historical Jesus tale? filled with biblical allusions to end-times and second coming prophecy and the Delay of the Parousia?Maybe God had created other humans elsewhere, and that post Eden interbreeding with them eventually caused the immortality of Adam & Eve?? Doesn't it strike you as a bit strange that the person of the Trinity involved in the conception of the human Jesus is not the Father, but the Holy Spirit?Mark says "After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God." Does the lack of any context or detail about John being put into prison mean that he assumed readers knew about John's fate without being told?t this best understood as the Dragon defeating those stars / angels and casting them to Earth as defeated enemies? healing of the blind man with spit (Mark -26) have a more mystical meaning than generally acknowledged? As for how long the Man and the Woman were in the Garden, you suggested that it might not have been very long.But maybe they did eat of the Tree of Life, which enabled them to live for hundreds of years afterward, outside the Garden.

When in Rev 12:4 the Dragon cast a third of the stars of the heavens down to Earth, isn?? might have been a spiritual vision of the blind man prior to his regaining physical eyesight?Is it possible that the generally accepted dating (AD 80 and AD 140) could be incorrect?Might Simon Magus might have been the actual historical Jesus?How does mythicism deal with Catholic claims that the Church and certain beliefs existed before the Bible was written?You said that some of the early patristic writers believed that John the Baptist was a heretic and even the spiritual mentor of Simon Magus and Dositheus.

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Is it dishonest to take Mormon missionaries time to discuss the Book of Mormon with no intention to convert, when that is their goal in spending the time with you?