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You can bet Granny will be right on their heels making sure her customers are getting the best in reclaimed goods every day. All the hard work those strapping young legionnaires put in has Granny's business booming again.

She'll have to knit them a little thank you during the next slow spell.

Contrary to what you might think after Granny's last letter, she got nothing interesting to report. There's an ache in my knees and the sky's the color of steel, so Granny's arrived just in the nick of time. Off with another package for you and on my own way. A sweet little one-eyed tom she found eating crow along the beach. Ole Granny loves the little darlings, and they're so smart and self-sufficient she can take care of them without much fuss.

Nobody seems to be able to point Granny to any of these murders and she's beginning to think they're just scuttlebutt! They're always such a bother, maybe One-Eyed Tom will chase them off for her. Sometimes they bring her presents when they're keeping any rodents from nibbling her stock. Big band of those Daggerfall Covenant folk crested a hill within yelling distance of that Dominion group I was telling you about.

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Either the bots are paying effing bucks a month for the chance to scam you... Out of the dozen or so bot messages I got, not a single one mentioned cam sites or your usual bot spiel, but ALL of them specifically mentioned signing up for premium. Ashley Madison got caught doing the exact same thing.Having been introduced with the Morrowind update, she takes over for Uraviin Dres, after the latter has exhausted her messages and repeats the last one over and over.Just as her predecessors she'll continuously send you letters telling a story with supplies attached to them. Granny Gravius's Gently Used Goods is going to take good care of you in these troubled times.There's a cookie tucked in the parcel in case you get peckish on the road, unless those rapscallion couriers have been helping themselves again. My, my, brigandry certainly is on the rise on the outskirts of Cyrodiil.Granny came across the most beautiful carriage just upturned in a ditch. Must have broken some poor dear's heart to have to leave it behind. Granny hears the legion is on the march to give those bandits a good ole sweeping out.

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