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Guwahati dating online

"I started detesting people for talking about the better B-School they'd gotten into or the better job they'd secured, and yet I couldn't stop myself going back to Facebook and reading these posts." Thirteen years ago, Mayuri moved with the tide, surfing every social media platform — Orkut, hi5 and of course that blue planet we all inhabit, Facebook.

"Back then, it was largely a mode of entertainment, and an alternate means of talking to friends.

Says she: "If they were real friends I'd connect with them offline." Can't quit?

This is why Research by Cornell University found that there are three main reasons why social media users can't unplug 1.

Ranjini also felt Facebook was a misleading platform.

She came to the conclusion that social media glorified the good parts of one's life and made no mention of the lemons, making it seem like everyone was constantly swilling champagne.

"Conversations were not personal anymore, they were simply information dumps," she observes.

"In the pre-Facebook days I would have probably met up with an old friend and realised from our conversations that while she did have a great holiday somewhere, she had also broken up with her boyfriend, something she may not have shared publicly on Facebook.

You don't see both sides of a person's life." You don't feel so wretched about your own life when you see another person's life in full perspective, she believes.

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"The number of pretty pictures and soppy testimonials about people's lives started getting to me. I started feeling there was something unreal about it." Habitually checking for updates on social media can also be disruptive and distracting she feels.

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