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Halifax nova scotia online dating

Although Patrick adds much new data to the legend, he still offers nothing on the date and circumstances of the Money Pits discovery, and still does not reveal who the treasure diggers are except for the reference to himself by only his forename.

The Crafts edition of the Morgan exposure (15), (16) and the Richardson exposure (17), (18) both reproduce the rituals of the Thirteenth Degree of the Masonic System known as the Scottish Rite, which degree is called by both exposures Knights of the Ninth Arch although it is more generally known as the Royal Arch of Enoch nowadays.

The discovery is made by a group of searchers called sojourners, who discover the vault containing the name of God and treasure by striking a rock with a crowbar and realising it made a hollow sound (see pages 96-97 of the Crafts Edition of Morgan (16)).

The discovery of the treasure by a crowbar in the Holy Royal Arch Degree is the one undoubted Masonic element hinted at in the Patrick letter, where you will recall the Onslow company when at 93 feet probed below them with a crowbar and struck a wooden platform at 98 feet which they interpreted as the roof of the treasure chest or chamber.

The fifth known article on Oak Island was published in the Liverpool Transcript in October 1862, and was by JB Mc Cully whose involvement in the Oak Island Treasure Quest dated back to 1849, and who was in 1862 secretary of the Oak Island Association, the treasure seeking syndicate then excavating the Money Pit.

However, we see that with Mc Cullys additions, the legend has in one quantum leap assumed what would generally be regarded as the classic or traditional version of the Money Pit Legend.

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The earliest unambiguous documentary evidence of treasure hunting on Oak Island dates to the year of 1849 and takes the form of a Treasuring Hunting Licence issued to Charles Archibald and John Pitblado on 6 August 1849 by the Governor of Nova Scotia (8).

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