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“One of the most annoying things as a dancer is when someone comes in and asks you to go out with them later that night. I’ve never seen you before in my life,’ and he was like ‘No, I just called your ad.’ Apparently he was mistaking me for an escort." “The best thing is actually talking like a normal person.‘Come to the club with me’ or ‘No, I don’t want to dance but I’d love to take you on a date.’ It’s almost like they don’t realize that you’re at work.” “One of the worst things I ever heard was when I was walking by the bar and some guy said, ‘Oh I just called you’,” Sarah recalls. Being genuine is by far the best way to pick up a girl in that sort of industry.“We condone hooking up here over actual relationships and dating,” she says, citing the famous “What Happens Here, Stays Here” advertising campaign.“It’s not a place where people date as seriously as they do in other cities." “Sapphire is one of the few strip clubs in Vegas that lets girls come in without guys.If that’s out of your budget, just introduce yourself and pay them a compliment that doesn’t make you look like an amateur. “It’s a very comfortable, cozy setting,” Sandra points out.“Our patio is set up with couches, and it’s very relaxing.

Giving credit card information in this kind of circumstance seems like a great way to evaluate the service.

Any insights you might have about free services would be appreciated. My credit card information is valuable to me and I won’t give it out for something that purports to be free.

When in doubt, always assume anything that says free but requires a credit card is a scam.

She came with her friends, so she’s leaving with her friends.

If you invite all of them over, your odds are way better.” Bottom line to hooking up: Spend the big bucks on bottle service and invite your potential hookup -- and her friends -- back to your table.

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