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Internet dating closed vs open fields

Walter Benjamin's montage, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's assemblage, and Humberto Maturana's autopoiesis suggest that things should not be seen in terms of their functionality or physical properties but rather the relationship, circularity, or networks serve as a general criteria for the knowledge.

The essay surveys various disciplines to demonstrate the ways in which the idea of difference or becoming has posed challenges against given conceptual categories within their respective fields.

"The organization of living things depends upon circular and more complex chains of determination." The interconnection of things thus becomes a new way of understanding the reality.Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s view of the world that the idea determines the being is another example of a closed system.Raymond Williams’ open-ended approach and Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of practice suggest non-deterministic relationships and are thus open systems.In short, systems theory in social sciences is basically closing the gap between phenomenology and structuralism and instead searching for embedded hermeneutics in which the subject is not cut off from a society but weaved in a social context.Once the Cartesian subject, who imposed mental concepts on reality, is flattened out, then the task is how to actualize materiality.

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The idea behind the ethnographic writing is to understand a complexity of an everyday life of the people without undermining or reducing the native account.

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