Intimidating bullies

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Intimidating bullies

Sadly, intimidation is a form of bullying commonly used by adults. 76-78) Teachers may fall into the trap of using intimidation as a means of behavior modification or classroom control.Or children may witness adults using intimidation against each other.It sends the message: “I have the power to disrupt your life in any manner I please, therefore you have no control over what happens to you.Your life doesn't belong to you, it belongs to me, and I shall do with it as I please with little regard for your welfare.” It's a bully's way of telling the victim: I own you. Intimidation bullying is sometimes about nothing more than the pleasure a bully gets from feeling powerful.When this happens, it sends the message to the students that such tactics are an acceptable way to manipulate others.“The legal profession provides fertile ground for bullying,’’ says Julie I.Bullying lawyers and judges, Graham says, are no different from the playground bully: “The goal of bullying is to devalue and dehumanize the target or the other person.” Graham lists some traits and breeding grounds for bullies: The consequences of being bullied include depression, demoralization, anxiety, absence, loss of productivity and even post-traumatic stress.

The panel discusses why bullying is a persistent problem in the bar and on the bench and they examine bullying’s effects on victims and perpetrators.“Bullies have power when they get people derailed from their professional task-focused relationship,’’ he explains.“To get reactive and allow yourself to be knocked off that course is going to lead to bad results more often than not.”In that respect, Graham lists some adaptive coping responses: Lawyer-to-lawyer bullying most often occurs during depositions.F) It might involve the bully repeatedly hurting the victim through “play”; a common scenario amongst social dynamics where the bullied child accommodates the bully to the point that the bully mistakes them for a friend.G) The intimidation can also be social or emotional, such as threatening to turn a child's friends against them or embarrass them in front of the class or over the Internet if a victim doesn't comply.

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The repeated invitation for physical conflict serves as a form of intimidation.

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