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Andy Cohen has always been a wee bit shy when discussing his sexual escapades.He’s open about them when asked (like the time he confessed to hooking up with Lance Bass), but he doesn’t freely volunteer the information the way some gay celebrities do (here’s looking at you Marc Jacobs! Related: Total Top Andy Cohen And Presumed Bottom Lance Bass Once Had Sex Together Well, hip-hop artist/model Amber Rose recently interviewed Cohen on his show, where she asked the question pretty much everyone’s been wondering for the past few years: “Are you and Anderson Cooper fucking? We’ve never even kissed.” Related: Andy Cohen Is Definitely A Top, According To Anderson Cooper He continued: “We were set up on a blind date over 20 years ago and it never took.” When asked what Cohen would dress as if he were to role play in the bedroom, Cooper answered, “Snoopy,” while Cohen said “cop.” kind of missed the mark trying to guess what his buddy Andy Cohen’s favorite bedroom costume was when they played, “One, Two, AC!” When asked what Cohen would dress as if he were to role play in the bedroom, Cooper answered, “Snoopy,” while Cohen said “cop.”“We were set up on a blind date 25 years ago,” said Cohen, “which is how we met — but nothing happened.” “We never had a blind date,” Cooper said, adding, “I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen.” Cohen replied, “So nasty!Kathy Griffin is still upset over her love lost with Anderson Cooper.

While appearing together on , the two friends talked about their disastrous first conversation.

Anderson responded by saying he was "appalled" by the controversial photo that he described as "disgusting and completely inappropriate." Related: Joan Rivers Would Think Kathy Is Now 'Desperately Unhappy' A source tells Don't call it a comeback!!

After a year off being a self-proclaimed "soccer mom," it sounds like Madonna is ready to go back out on tour once again — and 2018 could mark a BIG comeback for the superstar!!

On Sunday's "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," the longtime pals played a game of "One, Two, AC!

" with Kim Zolciak to test how well they know one another.

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