Jay z dating blu cantrell

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Jay z dating blu cantrell

Still, I’m no relationship skeptic and enjoy representations of beautiful relationships, even if I know that those representations are partial and flawed.

She stated in response to the birth of the baby, "Of course I want to say congratulations to Jay-Z & Beyonce on having a healthy, & happy baby girl!! Knowles, who isn't the brightest crayon in the box, should have deemed it an insult that he named the baby, birthed by a surrogate, after Cantrell.I argue that these men were created by the scenarios mentioned by the young men in the room.It is possible that no one had taught the men how to in a relationship; no one had taught them how to understand and explore their emotions. Now they’re shining and he’s counting his blessings – all four of them.I understand that when we view relationships through these lenses, we view depictions, images that the individuals in the relationship allow or want us to see.Rarely are those outside of any relationship privy to what goes on behind closed doors – the arguments, compromise, negotiation, infidelity, forgiveness, etc.

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And they are more confused about how to do the work of being emotionally healthy and responsive to their partners.