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Jill scott dating a usan

It simply isn't true, for example, that this faith necessarily stifles creativity or achievement.

Clearly, many adherents to the faith (including people raised in it as well as converts who chose to become Witnesses as adults) have been very famous creative people or have been very successful, as measured by worldly standards.

This list does indeed include people who were raised in Jehovah's Witnesses homes or are no longer active in the faith, as well as people who are full-fledged, active, baptized church members in good standing.

Many faithful Jehovah's Witnesses simply reject the notion that a person can be called a "Jehovah's Witness" if they do not meet certain criteria.

In no way would we consider that grounds for identifying somebody as a Jehovah's Witness.

All of the people listed on our page have actually been considered Jehovah's Witnesses or considered themselves adherents of the faith, either by way of having been raised in the faith or because they were an active convert to the faith.

Franz - president of Watchtower Society from 1977 until his death in 1992 - Milton G.

A range of participation is represented by these individuals, from full activity to disaffiliation.

Were this not true, these individuals would not be listed here at all.

This list is based on what famous people themselves have said to interviewers and to the public.

Of course no insult is meant to Jehovah's Witnesses or anybody else by hosting this list.

Personally, reading the biographies and faith statements of many famous Jehovah's Witnesses has helped tear down some stereotypes for me.

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