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Linksys n wireless validating identity

The Fon Member is the solely responsible for compliance with your contractual obligations towards such ISP.Fon Account Registration Our registration process will ask you for information including your name and other personal information.Welcome to Fon, by accessing the Fon Network you agree to be bound by these Terms of use of the Fon services (TOU) and Privacy Policy.

You accept and agree that Fon is not responsible for any failure or damage arising from the incorrect installation of Fon Software.

Fon may publish information about the location of any Fon Spot the Fon Member registers within the Fon Network while this Agreement is in force.

This is essential for other users to access the Service.

To connect to the Fon Network, you will have to select a Fon Spot, and through the Fon Website or Fon Access Portal, introduce your username and password.

Fon will validate the data introduced by you and, subject to this Agreement, will permit you to connect to the Fon Spot. You can become a Fon Member by accepting this Agreement and owning a Fon Router, or a router of a Fon Partner, with the Fon functionality installed.

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