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Despite the drama, Ms Zhang is reported to be in a stable condition now.The plant Zhang thought she was eating, aloe vera, is commonly consumed both cooked and raw.The burrowing owl lacks the ear tufts of the more familiar woodland owls.Bright yellow eyes and a white chin accent the face.According to Livestrong, the meat inside the leaves and the natural gel are both edible and are often used on salads or in drinks for a 'refreshing taste'.'Aloe is considered safe for oral consumption, but because it has a natural laxative effect, long-term, regular consumption is not advised,' they explain.Q: Why is there a fence around the owls and why are they so close to the road? A: Typically burrowing Owls breed in the winter from January to March but these owls have been known to breed throughout the year and raise multiple broods.A: The fence protects the owls from disturbance and their burrow is in an irrigation swale on the school property. ABOUT BURROWING OWLS The burrowing owl is a pint-sized bird that lives in open, treeless areas.

The 26-year-old, who goes by her surname Zhang, was live streaming her 'Aloe Vera Feast' to discuss the benefits of raw aloe vera.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: I cannot see any owls. A: Burrowing Owls are diurnal and nocturnal, meaning they are active during the day and night.

However, they do spend quite a bit of time in their burrow.

At the beginning of the video, Ms Zhang is heard saying 'yum' and 'this is great'.

But soon afterwards, things took a turn and she realised there was a problem.

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