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The process started with the 1999 launch of a Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice and Skills (KAPS) survey of a representative sample of 1,400 Nepali teenagers throughout the country.Findings indicated that Nepali youth had little or no access to reliable life skills information and there were few people with whom they could speak openly about their feelings and problems.Shoestring staat voor een grensverleggende en onvergetelijke reiservaring!Reizen naar verre bestemmingen met een goede mix van actie, avontuur en plezier voor iedereen die passie heeft voor reizen, natuur en cultuur.Αν κάνετε κλικ ή μεταβείτε στον ιστότοπο, συμφωνείτε ότι μπορούμε να συλλέγουμε πληροφορίες μέσω των cookies τόσο στο Facebook όσο και έξω από αυτό.Μάθετε περισσότερα, μεταξύ άλλων για τις διαθέσιμες δυνατότητες: Πολιτική για τα cookies.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?for free chat rooms features, amazing online chat rooms, and mobile chat at the click of a mouse.

I spent a couple of months backpacking Nepal and I’m keen to return in the future.

Every Saturday afternoon, over six million young people in Nepal — 20 per cent of the country’s population and a whopping 50 per cent of its target audience — tune their radio dials to Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (SSMK) or Chatting with my Best Friend.

Developed in response to a surge in HIV infections among youth in high risk groups in Nepal (from 2 per cent in 1995 to nearly 50 per cent in 1998 among injecting drug users) and to surveys showing relatively low levels of knowledge about AIDS among young people (especially females), the radio programme engages listeners in discussions with its charismatic hosts — the “best friends” — about how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.

Hitchhiking in some of the world’s most pimped out lorries, eating and drinking the local delicacies, rafting in the wilderness and exploring the Annapurna Circuit…

Backpacking Nepal was one of the greatest adventures I’ve had in nine years travelling the world.

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The clubs, which emerged ten months after the show first went on the air, discuss the issues raised in the programme and initiate activities to build awareness and life skills.