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If he's fresh out of a relationship and already all about spending time with you, he may just be using you to fill a void.

According to Safran, it's best to ask yourself, "Does he talk too much about his ex?

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you can begin to tell that his life isn't about interactions with other people," says Masini.

"It's about a lonely world that's filled with tasks."Think about finding someone who is also interested in learning details about your life, instead of just treating you like their personal therapist.

"Even if you start spending lots of time together, he said it for a reason."Don't allow repetitive hangouts to convince you he's looking for something down the road.

You may just be spending all that time together because he has absolutely nothing else to do.

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Odds are he's still hung up on the idea of having that person by his side all the time."Even if the marriage 'ended' before [a divorce] was filed, most people that have committed vows to someone will realize that every relationship has its perks and downfalls which if they haven't had time to reflect, they might only be idealizing you," says Safran. It's important to remember that you'll find someone who thinks you're perfect, not just a space-filler when he doesn't have anything else to do.