Looking for a dating partner or a soul mate

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Looking for a dating partner or a soul mate

The last time I was undercharged at a store, I went back to pay the difference, and the store manager made such a big deal about my honesty, that it was a bit embarrassing. In 1944, Simon Wiesenthal barely escaped death at the Janwska concentration camp.Wiesenthal had been imprisoned in a total of 12 concentration camps, and at the time of his liberation from Mauthausen in May 1945, his six-foot frame weighed just 99 pounds.Seeing the beauty and wisdom in every blade of grass gives one an awareness of the Creator. No one sets out in life with the goal of being a failure, and if people would only recognize the consequences of bad habits, they would avoid them.From my work with alcoholics, I can attest that no one sets themselves a goal of becoming alcoholic, but what may have started out as safe social drinking advances very surreptitiously to become dependence and addiction.(Poking fun at an absurdly loud woman in a restaurant: "Is she competing in America's Got Volume?

The closest I've ever come to a real soul mate is the man I've slept beside nearly every night for the last 11 years.

Then there was Sassy, the now-defunct teen feminist magazine filled with straight-talk articles on sex, lefty politics, and purple hair dye.

It represented everything I hadn't known I could want—a job at a magazine, cracking jokes with like-minded nerds.

Wiesenthal died at age 96 in Vienna and was buried in Herzliya, Israel.

The Chazon Ish (20th century Israel), said: "A person who lives with a constant awareness of the Almighty will live a life of constant happiness." (Emunah U'bitochon, ch.1) Today, appreciate the potential you have for benefiting from the world.

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