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All eyes this year on Caitlyn Jenner, who is scheduled to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award."Twinning" (VH1 at 9) Reality/competition.Sets of twins test their intuition theory to compete against one another for a cash prize of 2,222.22.*"Nova: Chasing Pluto" (PBS, check local listings) This special will feature what we all hope are some really nifty close-up shots from the New Horizon probe of the faraway planet-that's-not-a-planet."Geeks Who Drink" (Syfy at 10) Game show based on pop-culture trivia contests in pubs."Reactor" (Syfy at ) Comedy/talk show hosted by David Huntsberger with a focus on pop culture and science-fiction.*"Tut" (Spike at 8) Limited original series (three nights; six hours) about the young Egyptian king Tutankhamun (Avan Jogia) and the palace politics occurring around him.Enjoy.*"Un REAL" (Mondays at 9 on Lifetime) Delectably cruel fictional drama is a near-perfect send-up of life behind the scenes of a "Bachelor"-type reality show.Premiered June 1."The Whispers" (Mondays at 9 on ABC) This mediocre drama starts off with the usual spooky children of the leafy D. suburbs talking to "imaginary" friends with malevolent plans. Aaron Paul, who won three Emmy awards for his portrayal of troubled junkie Jesse Pinkman in "Breaking Bad," will star in the new Hulu original series "The Way." Paul will also be a producer on the series, which is from Universal Television and Jason Katims’ True Jack Productions and was created...

I'll Be Me" (CNN at 8) TV premiere of the acclaimed documentary about the country singer's struggle with Alzheimer's. )"Food Paradise International" (Travel at 8) Another show about incredibly good food (or food that at least looks good) discovered (or re-discovered) in faraway places."Epic Attractions" (Travel at 9) Learn some of the secrets to building and maintaining some of the world's most thrilling theme-park rides.

C.-based "Sharknado" movie (July 22) and there's a Lifetime movie about the behind-the-scenes drama at "Full House." (It airs in the doggiest of dog days, Aug. )Although it's my job to watch too much TV, don't forget that it's your duty to spend your precious summer evenings in the best way possible — so don't forget the beautiful freedom that can be found with the "off" button.

More zombies, with AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" spinoff series still expected in August (no firm date yet).

Premiered June 15."Proof" (Tuesdays at 9 on TNT) Drama series about a tech guru with cancer (Matthew Modine) who persuades a grieving surgeon (Jennifer Beals) to investigate cases of near-death and afterlife experiences.

Premiered June 16."Clipped" (Tuesdays at 9 on TBS) Sitcom from "Will & Grace" creators about a hipster barbershop in Massachusetts staffed by people who all went to high school together.

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at ) Talk show derived from gossip-mag hottie and "sex enthusiast" Brody Jenner's podcast about all things relationships, hookups, etc. (Seems a little quick, Brody.)*"7 Days in Hell" (HBO at 9) Mockumentary looks back at a legendary, record-breaking tennis match between two rivals, played by "Game of Thrones'" Kit Harington and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" Andy Samberg."Livin' Lozada" (OWN at 8) Reality series follows "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada as her life takes some new directions."Morgan Spurlock Presents Freedom!