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He was just one of the remarkable people we met, like the tug boat pilot who told me that despite its serene appearance the currents in the Mississippi are so strong that if you fell overboard your chances of survival are about 5 per cent.Or the swamp navigator at Atchafalaya in Louisiana who fed alligators marshmallows in the most primeval place I’ve ever been.But the most extraordinary interviewee we encountered has to be the actor Morgan Freeman.Talking to him was completely out of my comfort zone and it’s the most nervous I’ve been before an interview.The last news assignment I did for ITN was covering Barack Obama’s inauguration as the first black President of the United States.To report on that historic day was for me, as a black West Indian, of huge significance.Thanks for following up with my profile up till this section, I hope you can follow the numbers as well, 3two is that i have never been married with no kids, i am a loving caring a...

Another example of this was when we visited a farmer whose land had been flooded.

Making the series, over three months last summer, was an opportunity to work again with director Stuart Cabb, who produced my series on the Secret Caribbean and the Secret Mediterranean.

After years at the hard, sharp end of news it was a privilege to be able to go back and reflect on history.

He owned 60 or 70 acres but you couldn’t see a thing, the whole place was like a lake.

I talked to him about how you live with the threat of flooding, and the conundrum that no one needed insurance more than him, yet for that very reason he couldn’t get it.

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Rev Samuel Kyles, who was with Dr King that evening, is one of the men in the famous photograph in which King lies dying on the floor.

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