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Missouri dating scam

Shortly after confirming the victims’ deposits via online-banking access, Corrigan and Owen would and did instruct the owners to withdraw the funds in cash and remit the cash to the conspirators, often less a payment to the straw-account owner for opening the account or conducting the transaction.

The conspirators shared in the proceeds of the fraud scheme, usually receiving percentages commensurate with their respective roles, to promote and perpetuate the scheme.

In just one week she has received 'donations' from more than 20 men, and claims that one in five men who ask about the comment in her bio send money.

The most she has received from a single match is , but claims that some matches have offered to send her even more.

According to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release, Owen also pleaded guilty to a separate telemarketing mail fraud and money-laundering scheme targeting elderly victims that involved sweepstakes fraud.

According to the second superseding indictment, beginning on an unknown date, but no later than about July 2015 and continuing through about December 2015, Corrigan and Owen did knowingly conspire and agree with each other and with other persons to commit offenses against the United States.

In furtherance of the conspiracy, Corrigan and Owen contacted victims by telephone, and induced fear and extorted money from said victims by falsely representing that the victims owed Federal income tax to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or to Canadian taxing authorities, or owed other financial obligations.

They further threatened the victims that if they failed to pay these obligations the victims or their family members would face arrest, prosecution, or other legal consequences.

The conspirators would instruct some of the victims to purchase prepaid debit cards, to load them with cash, and to provide the access codes to the caller.'Some men get creepy and assume if they offer a lot more, like hundreds, something will actually happen, which of course it doesn't,' she said.Amused by the success of her simple ruse, she posted images of the process on Twitter, including screenshots of her profile, a conversation with a match, the money appearing in her Paypal, and her unmatching the user.'The best possible use for tinder,' she declared in her Twitter post.According to the DOJ press release, in order to facilitate the telemarketing fraud scheme, Owen recruited an individual to “operate” a Florida business and open bank accounts in that business’s name for the purpose of depositing the proceeds of a sweepstakes fraud.Owen’s conspirators called elderly victims and falsely represented that they were with the Publisher’s Clearinghouse™ lottery, informing the victims that they had won the lottery for millions of dollars.

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The tweet has been shared more than 8,000 times in less than a week and attracted a large range of responses,' including some women who have tried the prank out themselves.

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