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Mob sex masseging

Mobile advertising (advertising delivered directly to mobile phones) offers a novel way to reach a potentially huge number of individuals.The mobile advertising market is growing rapidly, with an estimated increase in market size of 85% in 2009 alone [1].The S project was designed as a randomised controlled trial with simultaneous brief interventions.The study population was randomised to receive messages about either safer sex or sun safety over a 4-month period.

The intervention was based primarily on Weinstein's Precaution Adoption Process model [28, 29] and incorporated elements from Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behaviour [30] and Bandura's concept of self-efficacy [31].

All published trials using SMS for health promotion to date rely on volunteers recruited individually, through community advertising or clinical sites [7–20], which can be time consuming, costly and inefficient.

If SMS is to be scaled up for mainstream health promotion—particularly for behaviours that do not provide individuals with an immediate benefit of change (unlike, for instance, smoking cessation)—a simple and low cost method of obtaining a large number of mobile phone numbers is required.

To maximise appeal, messages were humorous, short, used informal language and were linked to particular annual events (such as Valentine's Day) where possible.

These factors were shown to positively affect message acceptability and impact in our earlier study using SMS for sexual health promotion [32].

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A British survey of 1500 young people aged 11–20 years found only one-third (32%) were happy to receive advertising on mobile phones—but 71% were happy to receive advertising targeted to their interests, 76% were happy to receive advertising in exchange for discounts or special offers and 82% were happy to receive advertising in exchange for top-up credit [22].

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